Command-line uploadingΒΆ

Want to submit media via the command line? It’s fairly easy to do:

./bin/gmg addmedia username your_media.jpg

This will submit the file “your_media.jpg” to be a media entry associated with the user “username”.

You can get help on all the available options by running:

./bin/gmg addmedia --help

Here’s a longer example that makes use of more options:

./bin/gmg addmedia aveyah awesome_spaceship.png \
    --title "My awesome spaceship" \
    --description "Flying my awesome spaceship, since I'm an awesome pilot" \
    --license "" \
    --tags "spaceships, pilots, awesome" \
    --slug "awesome-spaceship"

You can also pass in the –celery option if you would prefer that your media be passed over to celery to be processed rather than be processed immediately.

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