Release Checklist

  • update docs/source/siteadmin/relnotes.txt

  • update docs/source/siteadmin/upgrading.txt

  • write a blog post

  • test the upgrade process

  • build the docs and check they look good

  • git tag v0.11.0 –signed

  • push tags

  • log in and rebuild master and new version docs on

  • merge into stable branch

  • post to mediagoblin-devel

  • post to

  • post to mastodon and twitter

  • update IRC topic

  • email personal contacts

  • update mediagoblin/ to remove “.dev” suffix

  • update version to remove “.dev” suffix

  • update mediagoblin/ again to add “.dev” suffix and increment version

  • update version again to add “.dev” suffix and increment version

Do we even need a stable branch? I’m not entirely happy with the upgrade instructions “git fetch && git checkout -q v0.11.0 && git submodule update”. Why have a stable branch if you’re asking them to checkout a particular tag anyway?

What to do if you’ve pushed a tag and the docs need updating?