Media Type hooks

This documents the hooks that are currently available for media_type plugins.

What hooks are available?


This hook is used by sniff_media in mediagoblin.media_types.__init__. Your media type should return its sniff_media method when this hook is called.


Your sniff_media method should return either the media_type or None.


This hook is used by get_media_type_and_manager in mediagoblin.media_types.__init__. When this hook is called, your media type plugin should check if it can handle the given extension. If so, your media type plugin should return the media type and media manager.

(‘media_manager’, MEDIA_TYPE)

If you already know the string representing the media type of a type of media, you can pull down the manager specifically. Note that this hook is not a string but a tuple of two strings, the latter being the name of the media type.

This is used by media entries to pull down their media managers, and so on.